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Outreach Programs

Featured Dental Outreach

From dental sealant programs in essential oral health – to sports guards for protective oral care, these sponsored programs make an impact, and they require the expertise of certified dental practicioners.

In December 2013, the Tierra L. Dobry Foundation established a relationship with the Chester County Dental Community Center. The foundation provided the Community Center with a $5,000 grant for the education and certification needs of the dentists and hygienists on staff – as well as to help subsidize their free sealant program.

On August 21st, 2014, volunteers from TLD foundation and King of Prussia Dental Associates (Tierra's former employer) visited Norristown Area High School's football camp. The foundation was able to provide top of the line dental fabricated sports guards to their team.

In November of that year, the TLD Foundation Proudly Co-sponsored a Children’s Dental Sealant Program with the Dental Hygiene Program at MONTCO. It's a annual program of complimentary oral examinations and sealant placement for children ages 6-14 years.

We feel privileged to be able to provide much needed funding in the name of Tierra to these great community organizations and outreach programs. With programs located at Tierra's former high school and college alma maters – and with the help of Tierra's former employer, these community outreach events leverage the unique relationship with the foundation and provide much needed professional care to the community it serves.

From protective sports wear to essential daily oral health, take a look at the pictures below to see how outreach can work dentally.


A Program For Children

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Students, faculty and a supervising dentist teamed with alumni to treat 29 children in the Dental Hygiene Clinic. The volunteers provided the children with dental screenings, education, 159 sealants, fluoride varnish, homecare products and Dobry Foundation tee shirts.

Dental Sealant Images Copyright, Sandi Yanisko | Montgomery County Community College


Impression day at Norristown High School in collaboration with King of Prussia Dental. Along with the help of Benco Dental, 3M, and Gladiator mouthguards – the foundation was able to provide top of the line dental fabricated sports guards to 48 football players. Use arrows or swipe pictures to view more.

Outreach Funding

A Note from Chesco

"I want to share with you an especially poignant example of what your support can do. Just last Thursday, an 85 year old man and a 2 year old boy came in for care on the same day. Our 85 year old patient had lost most of his teeth after years of neglect. Our brand new 2 year old patient, on the other hand, is starting out early with the best possible dental care and he and his parents are learning how to take good care of his teeth and gums. We want more of our children to start out–and continue–on this road to a lifetime of great health. You're helping us make that possible. " The TLD Foundation looks forward to a growing relationship with a wonderful organization!

Our co-sponsored programs provide a solution to those in need.