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Product donations and proceeds from Routes of Hope 5k allow the Foundation to donate toothbrushes and toothpaste to the community through the various organizations such as the Connelly Center, the Patrician Society, local Food Pantry's and Operation Backpack. The TLD foundation believes that having the tools for proper dental care is something all should have access too, and each organization we donate too, has a specific need that provides that access.

Destinations of Our Routes of Hope

Some of these organizations provide children and adults food, when they don't have enough at home. We can only assume those who do not have enough to eat, also do not have access to the daily essentials of oral health care. Our volunteers stock the shelves and fill backpacks to support a daily oral health routine.

The Connelly Resource Center at Children's Hospital was designed to provide support to parents, caretakers, siblings and other relatives of CHOP patients. While toiletries are provided to patients in the hospital, they are not provided for patient families who may also have need of personal care items during their child's stay.

Our charitable dental drops provide a solution to those in need.

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Providing basic human resources to those in need

If you're interested in our latest drops, just visit our facebook page. And if your charitable organization could benefit from our dental-care product donations, simply contact us to get started.