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Our Story

Foundational Routes

The Gift of Memories

We all go through journeys in life, and through these journeys many have lost loved ones. We know that it's their memories, passions and life's work that keeps them alive and with us today. On December 23rd, 2010 after many years of bravely fighting cancer, Tierra's journey changed. Through her memories, passions and life's work –  her journey now continues in new ways.

Tierra had many amazing characteristics and the roots of her successes began with family and education. Following in the footsteps of her grandmother, she graduated from the first dental hygiene program at the Montgomery County Community College, later going on to work with a dental practice in Reading. Tierra spent a number of years working with Doctor Duncan in Pottstown, followed by the King of Prussia Dental Associates, where she worked for 25 years. Keeping her memories and her passion alive, we were able to develop The Tierra L. Dobry Foundation and Routes of Hope 5k Run / Walk event.

The event kicked off in 2011 with tremendous success. It enabled the foundation to provide a very deserving student in the Montgomery Country Community College Dental Hygiene program a partial scholarship, along with other proceeds distributed through dental-community related projects throughout that year.

With the support of friends, co-workers and those in her Church community — to neighbors, family and other health enthusiasts from the town — whether participating or volunteering, it's the support of those relationships of Tierra, that was instrumental in kick-starting this mission. The foundation is now well established and extremely successful as a fitting tribute to Tierra Dobry.

As a foundation, we have leveraged our interests and professional backgrounds, and have filtered them through the mission of dental care. Just as it began with Tierra's passions and life's work, it's through our interests and passions that we keep this mission alive.

Our co-sponsored programs provide a solution to those in need.