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The Tierra L. Dobry Foundation scholarship program is for students pursuing careers in dental hygiene. The number of TLD Foundation scholarships awarded is dependent upon available annual funds. Scholarships are awarded to defray school expenses, which include tuition, fees, books and supplies. Eligibility of the Tierra L. Dobry Foundation scholarship program includes academic merit, financial need and an essay.

The goal of the Tierra L. Dobry Scholarship Fund is to promote academic excellence and to provide an opportunity for students to reach their highest potential and to achieve great things through higher education. Take a moment to see this year's scholarship recipients in the picture below.

2015 Recipients


Pictured is 2015's Scholarship Recipients introduced at Routes of Hope 5K. Speaking is Jenny Sheaffer – Director and Professor, Dental Hygiene Program, Montgomery County Community College.

Children’s Dental Sealant Program


MONTCO’s Dental Hygiene Program and the TLD Foundation Proudly Co-sponsored a Children’s Dental Sealant Program – A program of complimentary oral examinations and sealant placement for children ages 6-14 years.

Dental sealants are clear, protective coatings placed on permanent back teeth in order to prevent dental decay. Preventive services were performed at the College’s Dental Hygiene Clinic by licensed dental hygienists in conjunction with Montgomery County Community College dental hygiene students and in consultation with licensed dentists.

As a mission of the Foundation, the end result is important, and one of those focuses is the scholarship fund. Each year as a Foundation and family, we are extended the invitation to dine with the recipients at MONTCO's Salute To Excellence Dinner. It's a Montgomery County Community College event celebrating students and supporters in their commitment to higher education.

As a family, it's a blessing to see the legacy namesake of our Foundation – help another life, and also meet those people behind the personal letters and stories that are a requirement of the scholarship.
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Strengthening Relationships

For Education

We are thankful that Montgomery County Community College has included us in their events and community that go beyond our mission, such as the following picture of their Gala event which celebrated the transformation and rededication of their beautifully renovated Parkhouse Hall. Pictured is the Dobry Family: Father Ed in the middle with brothers Jerod, Jonathan and Jason with wife Natalie.

Our co-sponsored programs provide a solution to those in need.